This page is a source of information for your career. Here you will find both our active recruitment projects and career counselling materials for your interview preparation. So that you can seize the career opportunity you desire! Thank you for your trust and for being our partner as a candidate in recruitment and selection projects. You will know what to expect when working with s because transparency and communication are our  main values in our relationships with candidates.


At EPIC Business Human Strategy, we:


  • Actively search for candidates. However,  we are always happy to receive spontaneous applications as well; you are invited to write us straight forwardly, openly and simply, why you consider you are the right candidate for a job you want to apply to.
  • Inform candidates what the critical and essential job requirements are when we recruit; we also expect honesty and an objective self-assessment from candidates’ side.
  • Comprehensively describe the selection process steps, we plan and organise, your flexibility and on time presence are important.
  • Offer honest and relevant feedback, we encourage self-awareness; we like curious candidates who are eager to learn.

Are driven by your success .

We are happy for each achievement, we keep in touch with our candidates and build long term relationships.

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