Recruitment and selection


Ethics are essential in recruitment. Capturing the particularities of each company (business perspectives, organisational culture, professional opportunities) and accurately painting this picture to each candidate, balanced and transparent manner.
Properly understanding each candidate, assessing their  real performance potential and motivation, and further setting it forth towards the organization, including both their  strengths and perceived risks.
Our role is to represent your organisation in its interactions with candidates, and to find the right solution to cover your recruitment needs.
A successful recruitment is measured in years of performance.
We are here to contribute.

At Epic Business Human Strategy, we:


  • Clarify the recruitment context and define the profile of a suitable candidate;
  • Look for the candidates who match your requirements;
  • We thoroghly prepare before the start of each project and target appropriate candidates;
  • Offer consultancy slecting the right candidates through: measuring their potential based on job specific behavioral competencies, predicting their performance based on their cognitive abilities, as well as investigating their  motivation overall and for this specific job;
  • Facilitate decision making for candidate selection and offers;
  • Always deliver our promises and complete all our projects, no matter the obstacles encountered;



Talent assessment


We have learnt that one’spotential can be measured, one’s behavior can be observed and one’s cognitive abilities are the best performance predictor. In a world where the assertion „past performance better predicts future performance” has been proven to be limiting when making talent investment or selection decisions, whereas an assessment center project is supported by hard evidence:

  • Increased objectivity in measuring one’s native potential and developed behaviors for a well-considered decision;
  • Proper identification of the behavioral development needs at individual and organisational level;
  • Relevant feedback for candidates aiming to increase their self-awareness and set personal and career development objectives;
  • Buy-in at board level for the talent strategy.

We offer assessement center solutions for selection or development purposes. We are SHL certified consultants. SHL is  a global multinational company, an industry benchmark offering robust and scalable assessement tools.

At Epic Business Human Strategy, we:


  • Design and customize every assessment center project to the organization needs;
  • Select the right competencies, choose relevant exercises and deliver a seamless assessment center process;
  • Employ senior consultants with wide business exposure;
  • Ensure knowledge transfer, manage difficult situations, provide solutions;
  • Facilitate board level presentations for presenting the results of the assessment center projects.


HR Consultancy


We offer customized consultancy services for human resources projects. Below is  a selective list of our most successful projects, as an example and source of inspiration. We had the opportunity to contribute -from a human resources perspective- to the overall business performance of various multinational companies, with different strategic approaches, from start-ups to business expansion or business restructuring, from defining strategies to implementation of processes and further, on their improvement or redesign. We initiated and implemented several successful changes and, from each experience we learned that we love to start all over again with each new project.. We are proud of our achievements and that we left our mark in every work place.

At Epic Business Human Strategy, we


  • Bring the energy and enthusiasm necessary to make things happen;
  • Offer high adaptability to business context and organisation culture;
  • Deliver objective analysis, multiple perspectives, realistic solutions;
  • Ensure a succesful implementation through operational management;
  • Have relevant previous experience in similar projects in business;
  • Ensure knowledge transfer.